New Alarm Systems:

The form for NEW alarm registrations is available at under Government >Police) and the fee of $25 is due. (The link to the form can be found here:

In accordance with the Town Alarm Ordinance, all residential or business properties that utilize an alarm system on their premises, requires the Alarm Owner to register with the Easton Police Department. The following apply:

  • A new alarm system is installed on premises.
  • The purchasing of a location that has an existing alarm system in which the new owner continues or activates service with an alarm monitoring company.
  • The renewal “alarm use” fee was not paid in the previous Fiscal Year.


A RENEWAL “Alarm Use” fee of $20 is due every July 1 when:

  • A new alarm was registered in the previous Fiscal Year.
  • The renewal “alarm use” fee was paid in the previous Fiscal Year.

Failure to Comply:

  • An Alarm Owner violating any provision of Chapter 226 shall be fined $50 for EACH offense, and a separate offense shall be deemed committed on EACH day during, or on which a violation occurs or continues.

Payment in the form of cash (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH) or a check made payable to the Easton Police Department, may be mailed to P.O. Box 7 or dropped off in person at 700 Morehouse Road, Easton, CT 06612.

If you have any questions, please call us at 203-268-4111 or email

Thank you,

Easton Police Department

(203) 268-4111 Department

(203) 268-6703 Fax

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