Easton Police Chief Richard Doyle issued a commendation letter dated June 22, 2022 to officer Luis Rodriguez resulting from an incident on June 19. Rodriguez was on patrol on Route 59 at 9:47 p.m. when he observed a suspicious vehicle and followed at a distance until the driver together with three other occupants pulled into a driveway on Chester Road and turned off the headlights.

In light of recent auto thefts and larcenies in the area, Rodriguez suspected the driver and occupants were about to engage in criminal activity as this has been the M.O. used in many of the past cases. Typically three or four individuals look for unlocked cars to steal or to remove personal property from them.

After checking the registration, Rodriguez learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Bridgeport. Rodriguez turned on his lights and attempted to stop the vehicle, but the the driver sped away at high speed.

A native of Lares, Puerto Rico, Rodriguez’s family relocated to Bridgeport when he was seven years old. He is a graduate of Bridgeport Military Academy and Housatonic Community College. Officer Rodriguez joined the Waterbury Police Department after graduating from their police academy in 2020. He is is a state-certified Emergency Medical Technician and became a member of Easton’s Emergency Medical Services team in 2019.

When he joined the EPD earlier this year, Chief Doyle noted that Rodriguez brings numerous assets to the Easton Police Department, including his familiarity with the Easton community, his fluency in Spanish and his EMT certification.

In his commendation letter, Doyle wrote, “I want to commend you for your diligent patrol efforts in locating a stolen vehicle and preventing crimes in the town of Easton. I also commend you for using good judgement in not engaging in a high speed pursuit of a stolen vehicle.”

The Chief has warned residents on numerous occasions to lock their cars and to remove valuables to prevent these crimes.

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