Updated 7/29/2022


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The Aspetuck Health District shared new expiration dates for the IHealth Antigen Test Kits. The expiration dates have been extended by 6 months; copy and paste into browser to see updates https://www.eastonct.gov/sites/g/files/vyhlif3071/f/news/ihealth-covid-19-antigen-rapid-test-9-to-12-month-extension1.pdf

It has been some time since we discussed the internet issues here in town. As most of you know we now have Frontier providing internet services in addition to Optimum. The Frontier service has been excellent as far as I am aware.  Also, I believe that competition has caused Optimum to “up their game”. If people have feedback on how internet service is working and what issues remain it would be helpful to know. Please contact my office at 203-268-6291 or email my assistant at gfiore@eastonct.gov

Since the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force by the Board of Selectmen, I have been proud of the work they have done. In the wake of the death of George Floyd, there was certainly tension in town over racial issues. The task force has provided a venue where people with a variety of views have been able to have open and constructive discussions. They have also helped to provide education, for instance, Juneteenth. The task force has recognized that their original charge needs improvement and have set about beginning to do so. We have had a recent resignation from the committee, as well as two previously unfilled member vacancies and unfilled alternate vacancies. This has made it almost impossible for the committee to meet quorum requirements which are necessary to hold meetings, preventing them from updating the charge which many of us favor. Therefore, it is critical that we try and fill the positions and I am asking for anyone with an interest to step forward. You can reach out to the town political party chairs or to my office directly. As always, if you have an interest in volunteering for any form of public service the same applies.

There have been concerns voiced by those already on boards and commissions about the requirements for disclosure of personal information required in conjunction with the new ethics ordinance. I have asked the Board of Ethics to consider these concerns.

The Aspetuck Land Trust has released the appraisal it obtained for the South Park Property. The appraisal was done prior to the petitioning for a Conservation Easement on the property. The appraisal was done in pursuant to discussions I was having with the land trust about their purchasing the remaining acreage minus that which would be carved out for the New England Prayer Center. The part of the land including the current New England Prayer Center land and structures was appraised for $525,000. The remaining land was appraised for $570,000. Assumptions were made in the calculations about the exact boundaries of the New England Prayer Center land which may change slightly and could alter these numbers to a small degree, however, they can be assumed to be accurate.

I hope to have a draft of the easement for the Selectmen to review at our August 4th meeting. We have defined “passive recreation” as discussed at our last meeting and will finalize the division of the property with maps to determine what land will be specified for the New England Prayer Center, which to include the structures preexisting on the property, will be approximately 4.6 acres. When the draft is accepted, we will set up a special town meeting as specified in the resolution from the previous special town meeting to consider the easement.

Another topic to be discussed at our next meeting is Kristi Sogofsky’s request to look in to how the town can modify the Planning and Zoning ordinance to alter the positions to elected by the town as opposed to appointed.

The Town Clerk’s office has absentee ballots available for the August 9th primaries.

Don’t forget one of Easton’s biggest events of the year! The Firemen’s Carnival begins on Tuesday August 2nd, and runs through Saturday August 6th. If you are newer to town, you cannot miss this. It is an awesome event!

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