Among those who have lived in Easton for awhile, it would be hard to find anyone who hasn’t read a news story by Nancy Doniger. A lifelong journalist, Nancy was a Connecticut correspondent to the New York Times before joining the old print Courier as its managing editor and later editor, and before spearheading the new online Courier in 2019.

A newshound to her core, Nancy has covered everything in Easton from hot-button issues to art shows to budgets. She is a repository of Easton’s colorful history and cast of characters. Her decision to step away from the paper, at least for the immediate future, has been on our minds a lot.

When the Courier team learned that Nancy and her husband, Paul, had decided to move to the Finger Lakes area, we pondered which of Nancy’s stories we liked best and made of list of those our readers would most want to read again. There are so many great ones to choose from; it was not an easy task. It was made somewhat simpler by the number of award-winning stories Nancy has produced. In fact, last year alone she won six regional awards for journalistic excellence from the Society of Professional Journalists, including first place awards the local reporting, in-depth reporting, and diversity coverage:

We will miss Nancy’s keen deliberative approach to reporting, her meticulous editing, and her insights into the character of the town. We know she won’t be able to stay away too long because she’s agreed to retain the title of Consulting Executive Editor and to participate as her schedule allows.

We wish you and your family the best, Nancy, and will welcome you back when you are settled.

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