Easton’s volunteer firefighters are putting the finishing touches on the interior of new red pole barn that graces the grounds of their headquarters on Center Road.

The barn is part of a three-phase project to expand its headquarters to better serve the community. The initial phase of the project was to clear and level the two-acre field owned by the department to increase the space where firefighters train. As a result, they will be better equipped to protect the town in the case of an emergency. The department raised money to pay for the project.

The expanded field also makes room for additional rides at the annual Fireman’s Carnival.

New Pole Barn at Easton’s Volunteer Firefighter’s headquarters. – Photo by Rick Falco

The second phase of the project is the construction of the pole barn. Fire Chief Robert Klem said the barn will house equipment firefighters use which is currently stored at the back of the field. The use of the barn will also free up space at headquarters.

The third phase, which is in the planning stages, will be to install a cement pad which firefighters will use for training, Klem said.

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