Do you think you know all there is to know about honey? Well … maybe not. Back Yard Beekeepers Association members Marina Marchese and Howland Blackiston will co-present, “Honey, I Love You” at the Sept. 27 BYBA meeting from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. The hybrid meeting will take place at the Norfield Congregational Church, 64 Norfield Road, Weston and on Zoom.

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Drawing from their latest book, “Honey for Dummies,” they’ll dip into honey’s history through the centuries, reveal who are the world’s top 10 honey producers, explain why six unsavory market practices result in honeys that are far from liquid gold.

You will discover what can go wrong with honey, and how to avoid these defects. You will learn how to start thinking like a “Honey Sommelier,” with some from the audience getting a chance to taste honey like a pro. Marina and Howland will answer the most frequently asked questions about honey. And for the finale, they’ll reveal the 10 rarest and most amazing honeys to put on your bucket list. And finally, by random drawing, one lucky person in the audience will win a jar of one of these rarest and most wonderful honeys.

C . Marina Marchese is a beekeeper, author and founder of the brand Red Bee Honey. She is a member of the Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey and founder of The American Honey Tasting Society. Her books include “Honey for Dummies,” with Howland Blackiston; “The Honey Connoisseur,” with Kim Flottum, and “Honeybee Lessons from an Accidental Beekeeper,” among numerous articles. 

She has appeared on numerous TV shows: Dr. Oz, The Chew, The Untitled Action Bronson Show, On the Road with Edible Nutmeg, Weekends with Yankee on PBS and featured in Mastercard’s small business ad. Marina is a past president of BYBA.

Howland Blackiston has been a backyard beekeeper since 1984. He’s the author of the best-selling book, “Beekeeping for Dummies” (now in its 5th edition), “Honey for Dummies,” with Marina Marchese, and “Building Beehives for Dummies.”

Howland has written many articles on bees, beekeeping and honey, and appeared on dozens of television and radio programs (including The Discovery Channel, CNBC, CNN, NPR, Sirius Satellite Radio, and scores of regional shows). He has been a featured speaker at conferences and events in more than 40 countries. Howland is a founding board member and a past president of BYBA.

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