John Asik, who previously served in the Bridgeport Police Department for 5 years, was sworn in by Easton Police Commissioner Richard J. Colangelo on Sept. 15.

Asik, 45, a longtime resident of Milford, graduated from Joseph A. Foran High School. He received a nursing diploma from Bullard-Havens Tech, which adds an uncommon and extremely valuable skill set to the department. For 18 years Asik specialized in kidney dialysis nursing at the Davita Kidney Care Center and has kept his nursing license current.

“I loved nursing and have always wanted to spend my career serving,” Asik said. “My dad spent many years in the Navy serving our country; I wanted to serve my community.”

John Asik’s swearing in ceremony took place on Sept. 15.

Asik decided to leave nursing and become a police officer. “Policing was always in my heart as a kid,” he said. “The opportunity to join the force was on my bucket list.”

Chief Richard Doyle noted that Asik will bring “great humanity to the department because of his professional background and his big heart.”

Asik said that his fellow officers have already made him feel right at home. “Chief Doyle has been awesome,” he said. “In fact the whole department has been so welcoming. Being in such a friendly community is great and I’m really looking forward to giving back.”

Photos courtesy of the Easton Police Department

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