Have Some Yarn Lying Around?

Gale Haskell and Judy Goldbecker hope they are making a difference for Ukrainian refugees with their wool and knitting needles.

The women are among 10 volunteer knitters from the Easton Senior Center knitting scarves, socks and gloves bound for Ukraine. Nine shipments of their woolen comfort have gone to the war-torn country but the volunteers need yarn to keep their project going.

Goldbecker has knitted over 50 hats so far, but she needs more supplies, especially bulky yarn which is thicker than standard yarn.

“So far the center has been able to supply me with most of it, but I like using a bulky yarn for the infant ones so I’m a little restricted now,” said Goldbecker.

photo by Rick Falco

The knitting project began about six months ago when Val Buckley, the center’s director, announced it in her monthly newsletter.

“Being old enough to remember what it was like in World War II when I was a child, I knew how significant this was. My grandmother would knit socks and gloves for the same reason for people who were needy,” said Buckley.

The project caught on and the group of volunteers has been knitting away.

 “It really got going. We’re up to package number nine I think now, which means an awful lot,” said Buckley.

Haskell read the call for knitters in the newsletter and took up her needles.

“I’m on my seventh scarf. I think everybody’s heart is going out to Ukraine. We want to do anything we can to help. It’s a small thing, but you know, it’s just so sad what they’re having to live through,” said Haskell.

If you have extra yard lying around the house or would like to purchase some for the volunteer knitters you can drop off your donation at the Senior Center located at 650 Morehouse Road Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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