Easton has been divided into two voting districts for the first time this year. The two districts are for two State Representative seats. Easton is now part of the 135th district and the 112th district. State Representative District 135 includes Weston, Redding, and part of Easton. State Representative District 112 includes Monroe, part of Trumbull and part of Easton. Easton voters from both districts will vote at Samuel Staples Elementary School Cafetorium on election day Nov. 8, but voters will have to vote in the section of the polls set up for the district they live in.

Links to two Street District Lists are included below.  You can find which district your residence is in. Most streets are within a single district, but a few of them are divided so that one section is in one district and another section is in the other. Parts of four of our roads are divided down the middle so that those who live on one side of the road may find that people living on the other side of the road live in the other district. Those four roads which have sections that define the dividing edge of the districts are: Judd Road, Stepney Road, Sport Hill Road and Mornin Glory Drive.

There will be ample instructions at the polls to direct you to the right place to cast your vote. Voting will take place at the Staples School Cafetorium on Nov. 8 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Remember every vote counts.

For the listing of the streets in Connecticut House of Representatives District 135 click here.

The listing of the streets in Connecticut House of Representatives District 112 click here.

Dori Wollen, Registrar of Voters
David Smith, Registrar of Voters
Jim Bromer, Deputy Registrar

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