A study pod provides an enclosed space free from distractions.

The Easton Public Library’s study pod, located in a repurposed area of the library’s original Makerspace zone, is getting good use among adults as well as college and high school-age students looking for a quiet space to focus.

The library staff purchased the enclosed study space in response to noise during children’s programs. 

“The staff and I do our best to remind children to use their library voices and model appropriate behavior,” said Lynn Zaffino, Easton Public Library’s Director. “Unfortunately, it is difficult to control the noise level when large groups of young children are here or when school or other community groups visit the Library.”

In 2017, the library looked to move the children’s area to the back patio, hoping that the addition would provide a sound buffer for the rest of the open-layout library. But unfortunately, due to pricing and the pandemic, the project has been tabled for a few years.

Thanks to a grant approved through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021, the library was able to purchase the study pod along with other library improvements that individuals can read about here

The library got the idea to add a stationary study booth after seeing other libraries in the area, including the Danbury Library, add pods to their facility. The Danbury Library has three study pods: one that seats one person, and two that seat up to four, according to the library’s website.

Zaffino said the study pod has received excellent reviews.

“Everyone that has used it has loved it,” said Zaffino. “We have gotten a lot of positive feedback.”

Currently, patrons do not have to book a time to use the study pod, Zaffino said. But as it becomes more popular, the library may consider adding a time limit and explore the possibility of purchasing another booth.

“If you’re looking for a quiet place, it’s comfortable, you can hook up all of your devices, and you are in a safe place in the library,” said Zaffino. “It is nice if you need to work alone or if you need to meet with someone without distractions.”

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