Updated 2/10/2023


Good afternoon,

There was a lot of talk last week at the Board of Selectmen meeting regarding the Chairman of Planning and Zoning, Ray Martin, and a legal decision he was involved in. He spoke at the meeting and volunteered to appear before the Board of Ethics to have his situation reviewed. I have formally requested that the Board of Ethics review his case. We will wait to hear what they decide.

A number of years ago, recognizing the importance of farming in Easton, the town was encouraged to create an agricultural commission to oversee farm policy in Easton. With farming being such an important part of who we are, the impact of this commission, since its inception has been critical to the evolution of Easton. It has helped write policy, improve marketing including, helping us earn the designation of “Christmas Tree Capitol of Connecticut” and helped us to preserve farm land. This committee has been led since its inception by Jean Puchalski, who is now stepping down. We thank her for her dedication and service which has had such a great impact on our town.

At the Board of Finance meeting this week there was a spirited discussion about the new EMS headquarters. Specifically, the site for its location was discussed. Our plan is to use the money given to the town through the American Rescue Plan, (Covid money) which is approximately 2 million dollars, supplemented by fundraising done by EMS and town money.  There are two likely locations, one being an attachment to the current fire house and one being a free-standing structure. We understand there was an issue with the audio quality for our zoom audience at this meeting, we are exploring options to correct this problem.

Have a great weekend,


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