Easton residents can now donate their recyclable glass to a Connecticut company that turns it into an eco-friendly concrete product.

Glass brought to the Trumbull Transfer station will be sent to Urban Mining CT, a Beacon Falls company that invented Pozzotive, a cement replacement made entirely from consumer recycled glass. Using ground glass instead of cement in concrete can reduce harmful CO2 emissions in concrete production, which the company says accounts for about 7 percent of all global carbon emissions.

Cathy Alfandre, a member of the town’s Energy & Environment Task Force, said not all glass gets recycled, so donating it to Urban Mining CT assures assure it won’t be sent to landfills.

“I think many Eastonites already put their glass in the single stream containers, which is great, but sometimes that glass gets contaminated and can’t be recycled,” said Alfandre.

According to Urban Mining CT’s website, Pozzotive can replace up to 50% of the cement used in concrete. The company prides itself on three things: recycling unwanted glass, creating concrete for cement and tackling carbon dioxide emissions. Pozzotive also tackles shortages on building material needs, according to its website.

Urban Mining CT ‘s presence in the region has grown steadily due to its ability to handle all types of glass containers in any condition. In addition to its Beacon Falls facillity, the company has expanded its operations throughout Connecticut and into Westchester County.

Beacon Falls resident Richard Weishner and his family drops off glass at Urban Mining CT and speaks highly of the company.

‘Urban Mining does great work turning everyday items into materials that help create buildings and other structures in an environmentally friendly way,” Weishner said. “It does great work in the Beacon Falls community.”

The nearby transfer station is located at 101 Spring Hill Road in Trumbull, only 10 minutes from the center of Easton, making it convenient for residents to drop off their unwanted glass to be recycled.

“An even better option [for Easton] now is to bring glass to the Trumbull transfer station, ” said Alfandre.

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