3/24/23 Update

Good afternoon,

I am very pleased to provide information about our new sister city partnership with Sviatohirsk.  Several people have joined the steering committee; Alison Bonoff and her daughter Abby, Kelly Higgins, Gail Bellas Papageorge, Bob Nicola, Claire Wilkes, Diane McCann and Cleo Sonneborn. While our first task will be fundraising for their needs, we hope to provide educational and cultural opportunities to connect with their town. A website about the partnership and donations can be viewed here. When the link opens, please select donate now at the bottom of the first page to be brought to the website. Over the coming weeks we will post programs and activities there as well. While this is all private and not an official town effort, it is an opportunity to learn and to be supportive of these incredibly brave people who have been through more than any of us could imagine.  In normal circumstances they would probably be very much like us and showing our support is very much in line with who I believe we are as a town.

In past weeks, I have talked about the need to renovate the Joel Barlow fields with better facilities and upgrading the turf fields. There was an excellent article in the Courier about the project and its value Joel Barlow’s Nest and Fields Improvement Project Advances – Easton Courier. Even if your kids are far away from high school, the additional turf fields at Barlow will benefit them greatly as we already make tremendous use of the stadium field for numerous youth programs. As I have explained before, Redding has pledged $250,000 from their rescue money and Easton has decided not to do the same because we feel it is a questionable use of those funds. Public fundraising spearheaded by Rich Cremin has raised over $100,000. On April 6, I am going to ask for support from the Board of Selectmen to request that the Board of Finance appropriate the balance of Easton’s share for discussion.

Reminder, there will be a public presentation of the proposed 2023-24 budget for the town of Easton and Region 9 on March 27 at 7:00 p.m. at Samuel Staples.

Last week I explained how and why we are planning to reconvene the Land Acquisition authority. We are now looking for volunteers who would be willing to serve on the authority. If you have interest please reach out to the town committee chairs, Wendy Bowditch for the RTC and Nanette DeWester for the DTC or you can reach out directly to my assistant Ginger Fiore.

It seems like not long ago that I was thanking Alan Goldbecker for his work on the town’s Pension and Benefit Committee.  Now in the words of fellow commission member, Renn Gordon, “We are saddened to hear of Alan Goldbecker’s passing. For as long as I can remember, he led the Pension and Employee Benefits Commission and more importantly, protected the Pension Fund and oversaw its growth. Alan will indeed be missed. His memorial service is set for April 22, 11:00 a.m. at Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield. All are urged to attend.

Save the Date: Saturday, May 13 – Please join the Easton Arts Council in celebrating their 25th Anniversary from 7:00 to 10:00pm in the Easton Public Library Community Room. Another piece of news is that the Arts Council has received two grants from CT Humanities. There was an article in the Courier about it last Wednesday, March 15.  Also, this is the last week to see Architects as Artists, the terrific display in the Library Small Gallery curated by Dolly Curtis and Sheila Weaver. It is hanging through March 31. 

Don’t forget the 14th annual Easton Boy Scout Troop 66 gourmet breakfast on Saturday, April 1 at the Easton Community Center. Tickets are still available at Troop66breakfast@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend,


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