The State Elections Enforcement Commission will subpoena the bank records of Citizens For Responsible Government, the latest move in its investigation into whether the local conservative activist group’s treasurer, June Logie, violated state election laws.

Commission members on May 17 authorized the commission to issue a subpoena to the records keeper of M&T Bank at 435 Main Street in Monroe to appear and produce documents and records to the commission office to investigate CRG’s financial transactions. By state law, the Elections Enforcement Commission has subpoena powers.

The records being sought are in connection with the SEEC’s investigation into a complaint filed by Easton resident Robert Natt, who alleges CRG disregarded state election laws during the November 2021 election that govern the activities of political action committees. Logie and CRG’s President Sherry Harris are named in the complaint.

The SEEC’s initial investigation into Natt’s November 2021 complaint against CRG found the local activist group violated several campaign finance laws but dismissed the case when Logie failed to sign an agreement and pay a $200 fine within the one year time period per the statutory requirement. 

Natt had one year to refile the complaint with the SEEC. He did so under docketed file number 2023-013.

“The amazing part of this is that it all could have gone away had June Logie paid the fine when she spoke to the commission last year,” said Natt.

Logie’s group calls itself the oldest PAC in the state on its website, and for years has injected itself in local issues by mailing political and education-related pamphlets to all Easton residents.  But Natt alleges the group that claims to support responsible government is being irresponsible when it comes to following state election laws.

Logie told the Easton Courier she has not received any notice from SEEC and therefore had no comment.

The SEEC’s May 17 meeting can be viewed on Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission’s Facebook page.

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