Tax Collector Krista Kot is reminding Easton taxpayers that tax bills have been mailed out. Payments were due July 1, but taxpayers have until August 1 to pay without penalty.  Bills can be paid online (w/vendor fee) by clicking on the blue link on the Tax Collector’s page on the town’s web page at

The second installment payment slip for January’s real estate payment is included on your July bill (middle section).  No new bill will be sent for January.  

If you have not received your bill, or feel you are missing any, please contact Kot at 203-268-6291, ext. 140 or 141. 

The insert included with your bill includes information about where your tax dollars are going, as well as general information about your tax bills.

If you have any questions regarding your tax bill(s), please don’t hesitate to call or stop by the Tax Collector’s office in town hall.

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