Selecting a full slate of candidates, the Easton Republican Town committee held its caucus on July 19, at the town senior center for the 2023 town-wide elections this November.

Partnering with unaffiliated candidates, the Republicans covered all town-wide offices that are up for election for a total of 18. Among them is an all-female ticket for the Board of Selectmen.

Registered caucus attendees nominated Wendy Bowditch for first selectman, who will try to unseat Democratic incumbent David Bindelglass. Republican incumbent Kristi Sogofsky will seek a third term as selectman.

Bowditch said Republicans will focus on preserving the exceptional rural environment of Easton while returning competence to town hall leadership. Her experience spans the Easton Insurance Commission, the Board of Finance, the Easton Senior Center Advisory Board, the EMS Building Committee, treasurer of Fire District 1, chair of the Easton Republican Town Committee and seven years as the elected town treasurer.

“I want to be more proactive than our current administration,” said Bowditch. “A lot of things have fallen through the cracks in this administration, and I plan on being at town hall on a regular basis and being there to assure the citizens I’m working for them.”

This marks the second time Bowditch will run for Easton’s top office, also having run in 2019. Sogofsky has been involved with the Easton PTO, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, Easton Lacrosse and the library board.

“Our engagement committee surveyed Easton residents on the issues that matter most,” said Sogofsky. “With that in mind, we are well-positioned to address concerns while we simultaneously bring new energy and enthusiasm to the board. Easton deserves qualified leaders with experience in putting our town’s interests first. The ERTC is the one committee delivering this level of experience and local knowledge for our Board of Selectmen.”

Incumbent candidates on the ticket include: Christine Calvert (Treasurer), Krista Kot (Tax Collector) and Debbie Szegedi (Town Clerk).

The Easton Republican Town Committee held its caucus on July 19 at the Easton Senior Center. Among its slate of candidates are Debbie Szegedi, Town Clerk (incumbent, left); Krista Kot,Tax Collector (incumbent); Wendy Bowditch, First Selectman; Kristi Sogofsky, Selectman (incumbent); and Christine Calvert, Town Treasurer (incumbent). Contributed photo.

“Those are very well-known and well-liked incumbents,” said Bowditch. “Last election cycle they [the Democrats] did not even run anybody against them.”

She is also pleased to have former first selectman and state representative Adam Dunsby on the party’s slate. He and Darin Bershefsky will seek spots on the Region 9 Board of Education.

 “It’s good to have him back on board and have a newcomer with him, so we’ll have a combination of youth and experience,” said Bowditch.

Two incumbents for Easton Board of Education are Jeff Parker and Alicia Young, who was appointed to fill a vacancy in and will be running for her position this November.

Other candidates include Mike Kot (incumbent) and Mark Mulvaney for Board of Finance; John Miranda for Board of Assessment Appeals; Thomas Dollard (incumbent) for Zoning Board of Appeals; Darrin Silhavy, Anthony Farmer, Anthony Battaglia and Chris Peritore for constables; and Peter Dacey for library board.

“It’s time for Easton to be led by a proficient team who fully understands how the town operates and who is capable of guiding the vital decisions to put Easton first,” said Bowditch. “We can be doing so much better.”

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