Sue Kim, Christine and Peter Hanson–Photo Courtesy or Eunice Hanson

Time will never erase the terror we as Americans collectively witnessed on Sept. 11, 2001. For the Hanson family of Easton, the pain struck directly. Eunice Stylos Hanson and her late husband, Lee, lost their son, daughter-in-law and toddler granddaughter.

To honor the lives lost that terrible day and in the years that followed, we can unite as Eastonites and Americans and give back to the community and the world at large. The Hansons set the example with their philanthropy in the wake of tragedy. Let’s come together and find common ground. Let’s remember the heroes and dear ones we lost by reuniting and strengthening democracy.

Together, Americans are not only exceptional. We are unstoppable.

You can watch our video of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 at the memorial on the Easton Public Library grounds. We will never forget.

Feature image from Easton’s 9/11 ceremony in 2021. Photo by Dalia Jennings

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