Speeding motorists and multiple accidents are among concerns a group of Burr Street homeowners raised at a recent Police Commission meeting.

Burr Street in Easton. Courtesy of Google Maps Street View.

The homeowners who appeared before the commission on Sept. 18 want town officials to do something to slow down drivers on their residential street.

One resident suggested the speed limit be reduced from 25 to 15 miles per hour on the narrow section of the street that runs off Black Rock Turnpike. Concern was raised for school children being dropped off and picked up on the street.

Police Chief Richard Doyle said police have stepped up speeding and truck enforcement on the street since the Sept. 18 meeting, which he attended. “We really appreciate hearing from the residents,” he said.

Holly Hotchner Silverstone said she has witnessed 10 crashes since she moved to the street more than a decade ago.

“There is the issue of people going too fast and the entire street is too narrow,” she said. “I’ve helped four people out of (minor) smashed cars, not to mention my best friend, who crashed because someone pushed her off the road because it is too narrow.”

Silverstone and her husband, Franklin Silverstone, raised concerns at the meeting about the rocky ledge they believe is causing accidents because it obstructs the view of drivers coming off Black Rock Turnpike onto Burr Street.

“It’s an enormous rock that doesn’t allow drivers to see oncoming traffic,” she said. “What would it take to chip it out?”

Doyle said the department is working with the town Department of Public Works on a game plan for what can be done to cut back the rock ledge and remove a tree some residents said was also a traffic issue.

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