The Easton Board of Selectmen approved the minutes from its Aug. 3 and Aug. 28 meetings and approved 11 property tax refunds as recommended by the tax collector.

The board heard a presentation from George Logan, the Director of Community Relations for Aquarion Water Company. Logan provided the board with a broad overview of the water company, which gave us a comprehensive and integrated understanding of our largest landowner and taxpayer. The power point presentation will be available on the town’s website.

The board approved a request to fly the Breast Cancer Awareness flag from a resident. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the board decided to fly the flag for the entire month. The resident also provided the town with two flags.

The board appointed Vida Peskay as an alternate on the Library Board of Trustees for a term ending on Jan. 2, 2026. The board appointed Doreen Collins, Jordan Baker-Kilner, Clare Gutowski and Anne Fritz to the Library Building Committee. The board appointed Doreen Collins to the Tax Relief for the Elderly Committee. Finally, the board accepted the resignation of Diane Parker from the Commission on Aging with thanks for her service.

The board received public comment from several people. June Logie asked for an update on the lease for a portion of the South Park Avenue property and on the sale of 18 acres of the South Park Avenue property to the Aspetuck Land Trust.

Jeff Becker criticized the Planning and Zoning Commission for the inability to have remote access to a recent meeting due to a technical problem. He also questioned Mr. Logan from Aquarion about their representatives coming onto private property without proper identification or proper equipment.

Dana Benson commented about the new Planning and Zoning rule which goes into effect on Oct. 1 regarding merging of certain types of adjoining lots owned by the same person or entity. He sought a statement condemning the alleged ballot stuffing incident in Bridgeport during its primary election. He asked if the Easton ballot box is under surveillance.

First Selectman David Bindelglass congratulated Aquarion for its terrific handling of and response to the recent water main break on High Ridge Road which had many residents without water for a day. He also commented on his very interesting and informative tour of the water treatment plant on Buck Hill Road.

The first selectman reported that there is an agreement in principle with the Blazes for them to continue to lease the house and some property on the South Park Avenue property. The lawyers are drafting the document, which will require town meeting approval.

He reported that Aspetuck Land Trust has now received the state grant for the purchase, and a closing with the town will now be scheduled for the very near future.

He offered clarification on the scope of the merged lots issue raised by Mr. Benson in his comments. He confirmed that ballot stuffing is a bad thing in response to Mr. Benson’s comment and confirmed that Easton’s ballot box is purposely located in a spot where it can best be monitored.

He noted that the town conducted a wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary.

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