To the Editor:

As a former Registrar of Voters I have worked with Debbie Szegedi for many years. She is the best and our town is lucky to have her as the Town Clerk.

The Town Clerk’s office and the Registrars work together as a team and feed off each other to make sure that elections and all related businesses run smoothly. Both entities report to the Secretary of State but elected by Easton’s residents As such they have direct contact to the other 168 towns in the state to foster a much needed team work.

Debbie has been an Assistant Town Clerk for 20 years before becoming Town Clerk over a year ago, replacing Christine Halloran who moved out of state. Her transition to the new job was seamless which attests to her superb professionalism .

Debbie has worked in several other departments in Town Hall before joining the Town Clerk’s office in 2002 thus had a chance to learn the ins and outs of our Town Government. She is also a long time resident of Easton, an added benefit to her being our Town Clerk. Knowing the Town and how its government works is a must in this job. She is in the process of getting her certification, which is a tedious process. I can’t think of anyone better to serve as our Town Clerk but Debbie.

Please join me and vote for Debbie and the entire Republican team on November 7, 2023.

Eunice Hanson
Former Registrar of Voters

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