To the Editor:

How lucky are we in Easton to have two extremely qualified and well-respected Democrats as candidates, for the Board of Finance. I feel that Art Laske and Michael Gutowski are the right choices to effectively manage Easton’s budgets.

Art Laske has respectfully served on The Board of Finance for the past 24 years and the role of Chairman, for the past two.  Art’s thoughtful demeanor and trusted reputation gives him the invaluable ability to bring people together.  Through his experience as a successful attorney and his years on the BOF, Art Laske has focused on protecting Easton taxpayers by increasing efficiency and handling challenges that may arise, always in a fair, knowledgeable and transparent process.

Michael Gutowski, currently sits on the Board of Finance, as an alternate.  Mike’s extensive professional experience as a private and corporate accountant, provides him the necessary tools to assist in creating budgets, without overstressing Easton taxpayers. 

Together, Art Laske and Michael Gutowski, will maintain the fiscal balance needed to provide the services that citizens of Easton rely on, while protecting their pocketbooks.

 Please join me in voting to re-elect Art Laske and Michael Gutowski for The Board of Finance.  I think we can all feel confident in their abilities and expertise to move Easton forward in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Vote Row A on November 7th.

Susanne Smith


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