To the Editor:

In my over 30 years on the Board of Finance I have served with people who missed many meetings, others who came but asked no questions and offered no input and some who cared only about one issue. None of them made a positive impact on Easton.

Mike Kot, on the other hand, comes prepared, considers the big picture, and gives reasons for his votes reflecting his assessment of what best serves the community as a whole, even if that means sometimes telling people what they don’t want to hear. He’s known as a fiscal conservative, but supports spending when he feels it is justified.

This past year for the first time in my tenure we approved the Board of Education budget with no changes because the superintendent and the Republican chair of the Board of Education presented a solid plan with measurable goals. The motion to approve that budget was made by a Republican and seconded by Mike.

Easton needs and deserves to be represented by people who work for the entire community, people like Mike Kot.

Andrew Kachele


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