Editor’s note: The Easton Courier asked candidates to submit a profile and a statement discussing three top issues facing Easton and how the candidate will help address them. Debbie Szegedi, Republican incumbent Town Clerk, submitted the following response.

Profile and Statement

Debbie Szegedi (R)

Debbie Szegedi has spent the past two decades working in Town Hall and is running for election to Town Clerk in November, a position she currently holds.  She possesses an unparalleled wealth of institutional knowledge of the role, as well as excellent working relationships with other town offices and town clerks in surrounding municipalities.

Szegedi spent 20 years as Easton’s Assistant Town Clerk. Upon the resignation of popular incumbent Town Clerk Christine Halloran, Szegedi was appointed to fulfill the remainder of her term.

“I know what needs to be accomplished to fulfill all of our statutory obligations. During the years, I have built strong working relationships with the other Town Hall Departments, residents, customers and other Town Clerks that we interact with on a daily basis.”

Some of the priority issues Szegedi is focused on include the successful implementation of Connecticut’s new early voting law and a state-wide IT platform transition for tracking the land records for all of Connecticut’s 169 towns.

When it comes to Easton’s future, Szegedi believes in maintaining local zoning control, supporting our farmers, preserving open space and protecting our watershed.

“I love our small town feel and how the community comes together. The peace and quiet, the beauty of our open spaces and the quality of our farms. Easton is a unique place.”         

Szegedi grew up in Fairfield and attended Fairfield Public Schools. Her father fled Hungary at the age of 17 during the Hungarian Revolution to build himself a better life, where he could be free to make his own choices.

Szegedi has lived in Easton for eight years, and spends her free time cooking, raising chickens, and gardening.        

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