To the Editor:

Karen O’Brien’s first term on the Region 9 Board of Education was marked by her measured, consistent, and policy-oriented approach to maintaining the quality of our school system.

As her neighbor and friend for over 20 years, I have seen her always “show up” for others personally and professionally, willing to lend an ear or an armful to any task; she will always be thoughtful and generous of her time and talents. Karen understands the importance of community — of creating and fostering relationships and creates it herself within Easton. That is a community leader.

On the Region 9 board, I watched her remain focused on the issues at hand, especially in ensuring quality education for our kids. Karen will resist being embroiled in political storms from outside our town brought home by a selected few caught in conspiracies and fear mongering whose will is unfortunately to dismantle public education and invoke book bans. She understands that some political headwinds are about power when local governance is about policy.

Karen is that all-too-rare human who will consistently focus on the policy of governance and not the power of politics. Please re-elect her to the Region 9 Board.

Maureen Williams


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