Governor Delivers 2021 State of the State Address

[Video clip of Governor Lamont delivering the 2020 State of the State address: Thank you again for trusting me with this office and inviting me back into the hall, the room where it happens. And thanks to our partnership, the state of our state is Continue reading “Governor Delivers 2021 State of the State Address”

Happy New Year 2021

Dear Neighbor,

I fervently hope you and your family are ready to ring in the New Year with bells on!

This past year has been so difficult for so many, I invite you to join me in looking forward to 2021 with renewed optimism, hope, and determination to support those most impacted, Continue reading “Happy New Year 2021”

Wishing You a Joyful and Healthy Christmas

I always considered myself fortunate, growing up in Easton. Most of my​ ​relatives were within a 20-minute drive, meaning we gathered together over the holidays, often at my childhood home. 

My cousins, siblings and I eagerly tore​ ​into our stockings as soon as our parents allowed Continue reading “Wishing You a Joyful and Healthy Christmas”