Easton Senior Center Advisory Board Honors Anne Fiyalka

Anne Fiyalka –Shannon Calvert Photo

Current and former members of the Advisory Board for the Easton Senior Center recently honored Anne Fiyalka for nearly three decades of service. Anne, 101, chose not to serve another term on the board.

A reception was held at the Senior Center Continue reading “Easton Senior Center Advisory Board Honors Anne Fiyalka”

Easton’s Own Anne Fiyalka Takes to the Sky

The plans were delayed multiple times by weather, but on June 24, well past Anne Fiyalka’s 101st birthday, she soared through the clouds in a plane just as she had done with Amelia Earhart as a sophomore in high school. Her second flight was well worth the wait.

On Nov. 5, 1936, Continue reading “Easton’s Own Anne Fiyalka Takes to the Sky”

Town Toasts Anne Fiyalka’s 100th with 100-Car Parade

Gray skies didn’t dampen the glow on Anne Fiyalka’s face on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Not only did she turn 100, but 100 cars of well wishers paraded past her house to toast a beloved community member on her birthday.

Cheryl Constand, a friend and Eucharistic minister Continue reading “Town Toasts Anne Fiyalka’s 100th with 100-Car Parade”

Anne Fiyalka Marks 100 Years of a ‘Blessed Life’

Flew in Amelia Earhart’s Airplane, Always Puts Others Before Self

Anne Fiyalka has led a storied life. That’s not to say it’s been easy. Born on Feb. 15, 1921, she recalls a long life of overcoming adversity, large and small, and daring to embrace adventure whenever it came her Continue reading “Anne Fiyalka Marks 100 Years of a ‘Blessed Life’”

Recording Easton’s History One Interview At a Time

The late actress Bette Davis once dined at a Black Rock Turnpike home in Easton. Carol Mills has the autographed tablecloth to prove it.

Mills’ recollection of hosting the actress is part of the town’s Oral History Project, an effort to interview and preserve the town’s history Continue reading “Recording Easton’s History One Interview At a Time”

Thriving in Easton

These portraits of some of Easton’s oldest residents pay tribute to their longevity. They range in age from 99 to 104. The number of years they’ve collectively lived in Easton is older than the town itself. They’ve raised families in Easton, lost loved ones along the way, embarked Continue reading “Thriving in Easton”

Seniors Exemplify Resilience in COVID-19 Pandemic

A recent article from the Historical Society of Easton noted that “the essential quality of resilience has been a feature of its citizens.” Today that is exemplified by our senior citizens who are staying In their homes and following the guidelines to remain healthy and the many Continue reading “Seniors Exemplify Resilience in COVID-19 Pandemic”


Mother, Community Volunteer, Feminist and Storyteller Extraordinaire

Storytelling is a universal human trait and provides both human connection and healing. Needing a dose of healing myself, I decided to call one of my favorite people, Anne Fiyalka. Anyone who has ever met Anne Continue reading “EASTON FRONT PORCH: Anne Fiyalka”