Articles from the Easton Courier 8/17 – 8/23

In case you missed it: Check out these articles posted in the Easton Courier in the past week, from Monday, August 17 to August 23.

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Civics 101: On Boards of Finance

Alisha Gorder

 Your property taxes are collected, and that money is spent. Who decides how much to collect and what to spend it on? Additionally, who makes sure it is spent properly? 

The Board of Finance (BOF) of course. The BOF sets the annual mill rate and manages the process Continue reading “Civics 101: On Boards of Finance”

Civics 101: On Selectmen Boards

My apologies for the long absence. We are living in unusual times and I didn’t think that many people were interested in town governance as we entered the Age of COVID-19. But we adjust to everything in due time, and town business must go on. A tad late, but no less useful: a bit Continue reading “Civics 101: On Selectmen Boards”

Column: Civics 101

Towns, though often magical, aren’t magical entities. They are run according to rules, many of which were designed in colonial times.

Our lovely town of Easton, CT is run by an executive board called the Board of Selectmen. Our legislative body is known as Town Meeting. There are Continue reading “Column: Civics 101”