Virtual Event Offers Mental Health Resources for Kids

The pandemic has placed a great deal of stress on everyone, especially children. Many have a spent the better part of a year away from their classrooms, teachers and friends and they may be dealing with mental health issues as a result.

On Thursday, April 8 at 7 p.m., State Rep. Continue reading “Virtual Event Offers Mental Health Resources for Kids”

Easton Veterinary Survives and Thrives

Dr. Dan Whelan, 37, and Annikki Nurmi, his partner and office manager, opened Easton Veterinary at 796 Sport Hill Road in September 2020. 

Specializing in cats and dogs, the pair has gotten to know and adapted nicely to their new community. Since the opening of their solo practice, Continue reading “Easton Veterinary Survives and Thrives”

Op-Ed: ‘No Question That We Should Join’ Westport Weston Health District

On Tuesday March 30, Easton will vote on whether or not to join the Westport Weston Health District. I have no question that we should join. As your first selectman you have charged me with providing for the health and welfare of this town. You also have every right to expect me Continue reading “Op-Ed: ‘No Question That We Should Join’ Westport Weston Health District”

Easton Budget Process Under a Pandemic

Last year the Easton Courier published an overview of the Easton budget process. The article went into some detail about how the town budget is developed and how the Board of Finance (BOF) works to prepare a budget request to present to the town for its approval. It was the process Continue reading “Easton Budget Process Under a Pandemic”


Even before I lived in California, I had a healthy respect for fire. I developed this respect after I noticed a fire hose entering through the bedroom window of my apartment. The justification for this addition to my home furnishings was a fire that started in a toaster on the floor Continue reading “Fire!”

Trials and Joys of Leading ER9 Schools in the Pandemic

An Interview with Superintendent Dr. Rydell Harrison

The Easton, Redding and Region 9 school district comprises five highly competitive schools in two towns with three separate schools boards. The superintendent’s position demands exceptional governance in the best of times.

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Year in Review 2020: November Election

Voters in Easton and across America turned out in record numbers for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election. They cast an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, which states sanctioned to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Voters also showed up at the polls.

Area Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: November Election”

Year in Review 2020

In a trying year, Easton had many bright spots, proving that our community had grit and grace in the face of the pandemic. The editors struggled to identify the top 10 events of 2020 and concluded there were many more than time and space allowed. Nevertheless, we will roll out several Continue reading “Year in Review 2020”

Housing Market Soars in Easton and Fairfield County

Dream homes now must have bigger backyards and flexible office spaces to adjust to the new needs of a pandemic and working and learning from home. 

In a normal year, fall would be a slow season in the housing market. But 2020 is far from being a normal year, and so is the real Continue reading “Housing Market Soars in Easton and Fairfield County”

Listening to Kids and Validating Their Feelings

Coping with Anxiety in the Pandemic and After

Inside the Yale Child Study Center

Feeling anxious and sad is a normal part of the human experience. Situations involving unpredictability and isolation such as the COVID-19 pandemic can heighten these emotions. Research will be essential Continue reading “Listening to Kids and Validating Their Feelings”