Column:Tipping Point on Climate Emergency

The comment “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about” was considered a joke until a few decades ago. As weather extremes get more frequent and more destructive, the real danger of not doing anything about the weather is becoming more evident every year. Continue reading “Column:Tipping Point on Climate Emergency”

Column: Winter Weather Report: Hot With a Chance of Boiling Over

For six months the sky over the west coast was obscured by smoke that had people as far east as New York City coughing more than usual. Before those history-making fires subsided, the sky filled with torrential rain and blinding snow storms. The long sought storms extinguished the Continue reading “Column: Winter Weather Report: Hot With a Chance of Boiling Over”

Column: In Search of Good News

On or about Nov. 5 (depending upon which hemisphere they were floating over), the crew of the International Space Station reported that they had tacos made with freshly picked chili peppers. They grew the peppers on the space station from seeds. None of the crew had eaten a fresh Continue reading “Column: In Search of Good News”

Column:Turning Up the Heat on Global Warming

Needles is a small town in southeastern California at the edge of the Mojave desert. It attracted little national or international attention until last week. With daytime temperatures hovering around 120 degrees F in the shade, it became the first location in the world to have a Continue reading “Column:Turning Up the Heat on Global Warming”