Column: Global Warming Defrosts Danger to All Life Forms

Huge tracts of our planet have been in a deep freeze for tens of thousands of years. After the most recent ice age, some of the most northerly land masses in the Northern Hemisphere remained frozen. These were referred to as permafrost regions, the Earth’s deep freezer. Over the Continue reading “Column: Global Warming Defrosts Danger to All Life Forms”

Column: Monkeys

Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain] said, “I believe our Heavenly Father invented man because he was disappointed in the monkey.” I would go further and speculate that Mother Nature cooked up Homo sapiens to give the other animals on the planet something to joke about. One need only listen Continue reading “Column: Monkeys”

Stroke Weather

Charles Dudley Warner famously observed, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”  Although that 1897 insight is usually attributed to Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain), it was the Harford Courant editor Warner who first published the comment. His statement Continue reading “Stroke Weather”