Column: 1950s Reboot

 Sex, consensual or involuntary, may lead to pregnancy. In humans, the individual carrying the eggs that may be fertilized during sexual contact is the female. The male contribution is a microscopic packet of genes that account for less than half of the total complement of genetic Continue reading “Column: 1950s Reboot”

Column: Voir Dire

At least half of what I learned in medical school was wrong. That was not because my teachers were ill-informed or intent upon misleading me. It was an inevitable consequence of learning from mistakes. The field of medicine has historically been slow to embrace new ideas and practices, Continue reading “Column: Voir Dire”

Column: Maskless

Jessica Alexander, a member of the Temecula City Council in Temecula, Calif., insisted that she was emulating Rosa Parks, a secretary in Montgomery, Alabama, in refusing to wear a mask to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 to her colleagues and coworkers.  Rosa Parks, an African-American Continue reading “Column: Maskless”