More Than Meets the Eye: 127 Years of Movies and Counting

In late March, 1895, American newspapers were filled with articles about a disastrous cotton fire in New Orleans, a mining explosion in Evanston, Wyoming, and the launch of the first-ever street cars in Los Angeles. There was nary a word about an event in Paris, France that forever Continue reading “More Than Meets the Eye: 127 Years of Movies and Counting”

Column: ‘Shop Windows’ by Tom Rudne Photo Exhibit

Disturbing and Deeply Rewarding!

The depth of vision expressed in Tom Rudne’s exhibition of photographs currently on view at the Easton Public Library offers a fascinating journey through shop windows to images that stare right back at you. It’s a trip not to be taken lightly.

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Ode to Green

Let me emerge a grasshopper, green

From egg and nymph be spun

The color of leaves as they first unfurl

When spring has just begun

Let me be a blade of grass

Amid the chorus in the wind

A single, individual shaft

With all creation as its kin

A humble flag, yet staff of life

For hungry Continue reading “Ode to Green”

The Joy of Taking a Winter Walk in Easton

My husband and I took a walk in the snow today. Not at a ski slope or on a mountain trail. Just out the door, down the driveway to the road, then a three-and-a-half mile trudge through suburban streets.

The snow was falling around us. Our boots made scrunching sounds against three Continue reading “The Joy of Taking a Winter Walk in Easton”