Easton Democrats Welcome New Residents

Invite Participation on Town Boards and Commissions

Like many towns in Connecticut, Easton has seen a rapidly increasing number of voters who register as Democrats. So many, that for the first time in many years, “We’re nearly at parity and that’s great news for everyone,” said Continue reading “Easton Democrats Welcome New Residents”

Library Board Adopts New Strategic Plan

The Easton Library Board of Trustees has approved a new five-year Strategic Plan for the Library. The plan was written by Library Director Lynn Zaffino, with assistance from Assistant Director Mary Beth Rassulo and input from the rest of the staff. The process began over a year ago Continue reading “Library Board Adopts New Strategic Plan”

Dolly Curtis Is Recipient of Anne Lindquist Award

Dolly Curtis — Tom Rudne Photo

The Easton Public Library Board of Trustees has chosen Dolly Curtis as this year’s recipient of its Anne Lindquist Library Spirit Award. The award recognizes a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the Library. Past winners include Continue reading “Dolly Curtis Is Recipient of Anne Lindquist Award”

Easton Library Faces Budget Cuts of $50K-$90K

Budget cuts of $50,000 to $80,000 means the Easton Public Library would lose a lot of what makes the library the center of the community. To be specific, the library would have to: