Column: Mindful of the Needs of Others

# Mindful

We’re reaching the one year mark since the beginning of the pandemic and it feels pretty natural to reflect on what kind of year it has been. I must say, 365 days later and it’s still a trying time for everyone at the moment. Well not everyone. I’m sure my cat is enjoying Continue reading “Column: Mindful of the Needs of Others”

Elation Recuperation. Happiness Restored.

Kinda like when Siri says: “Your iPhone backup has been completed,” and relieved isn’t even a word that remotely describes how you feel. Right? Because this is fantastic news. Your photos will be stored, and your memorable videos won’t be deleted after all either because they’re Continue reading “Elation Recuperation. Happiness Restored.”

Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes

To the Editor:

Integrity. Compassion. Selfless. Determined. The leadership of Anne Hughes.

In these uncertain times, it’s her kindness: Anne Hughes personally delivers PPE to places in need. It’s her moral integrity. She speaks up on racial injustice and unites the community on a Continue reading “Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes”

How To Be a Hero

Register to vote. Check. Found my polling station. Check. Ballot in box. Check. Is that it? At a basic level, voting is the most powerful way we can influence our ever-evolving society. Our individual civic duty to vote can change a community and give a voice to younger generations.

Continue reading “How To Be a Hero”

Vigil for George Floyd: A Moment or a Movement?

Lila Estime loved seeing her peers, a teacher she knew from Joel Barlow High School, and everyone who turned out for the Vigil for George Floyd. “It was a moving night to remember,” she said.

Estime, a class of 2014 Barlow graduate and one of the speakers, attended all of Easton’s Continue reading “Vigil for George Floyd: A Moment or a Movement?”