Oak Knoll – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Just after the turn of the last century, Easton and Redding began to see an influx of city dwellers looking for the peace and tranquility that country life could offer.

Sound familiar?

Well, back then it wasn’t a pandemic driving people out of the city, it was the general unpleasantness Continue reading “Oak Knoll – Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Locomobiles & Trumbulls – Locally built Automobiles from 100-plus Years Ago

Part Four of the Historical Society of Easton’s Series on transportation in Easton. Our Easton in the Service Series will continue in July.

My first memories of the Locomobile are of a rather large black touring car that sat backed into a garage on Old Redding Road just a few hundred Continue reading “Locomobiles & Trumbulls – Locally built Automobiles from 100-plus Years Ago”

The Sport Hill Races – 1908

Perhaps the subject I get asked most about when it comes to Easton history is the annual Hill Climb that was held at Sport Hill every Decoration Day on May 30th during much of the first decade of the twentieth century. This is the first of three articles the Historical Society of Continue reading “The Sport Hill Races – 1908”