Letter: Response to Lea Sylvestro

To the Editor:

Reading the Jan. 24 column from Lea Sylvestro, I was struck by the similarities of my own experience. Growing up white in a white town, I was ignorant of the plight of the non-white citizens until I was confronted with Martin Luther King, Jr. My guess is that many Continue reading “Letter: Response to Lea Sylvestro”

Column: Education Censored is Opportunity Lost

Reflections in the Wake of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

My ignorance about systemic racism has been profound. George Floyd’s murder forced me, forced many of us, literally, painfully, to look and delve into what history books have skirted or left unsaid.

I grew up in the ’50s Continue reading “Column: Education Censored is Opportunity Lost”

Letter: MLK Yes? CRT No?

To the Editor:

Questions of my Fellow White People:

I have some questions. Disappointed that Easton voted no on a Resolution on Racism, I want to ask them publicly. They are questions from a white man being asked of other white people, so when I refer to “we” or “us”, I am referring Continue reading “Letter: MLK Yes? CRT No?”

The Art of Rhetoric, Public Discourse and Civil Debate

The public square has always been the foundation of a thriving democracy, since it is the space where public discourse occurs. The American origins of the public square were often colonial village schoolhouses and outdoor town centers. The first printing presses gave rise to pamphlets Continue reading “The Art of Rhetoric, Public Discourse and Civil Debate”