Column: The Health of Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic is probably over. We lost over one million of our fellow Americans as it grew from a menacing public health incident to a full blown national disaster. It is apparent in retrospect what went wrong. It is also apparent that despite the awful losses we suffered Continue reading “Column: The Health of Healthcare”

Column: Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of Americans has been declining in recent years. This applies to Americans of every skin shade, ethnic extraction, and national origin. Men have been hardest hit, but women are also exhibiting a progressive decline in longevity. This may surprise citizens Continue reading “Column: Life Expectancy”

Column: Hot Air and Cheap Drugs

Fifty senators and the Vice-president voted to pass a bill that they claim will cut drug costs and reduce green-house gas emissions. The cuts in green-house gasses have been projected to occur over the next ten years, and the reduction in drug costs will theoretically materialize Continue reading “Column: Hot Air and Cheap Drugs”

Column: January 6, 2022: A Medical Perspective

January 6 came and went, and there was no riot this year. Much of Congress took the day off, perhaps out of fear that this year’s crop of rioters might actually succeed in killing them.  Liz Cheney showed up to claim that she had no idea that the policies she had supported for years Continue reading “Column: January 6, 2022: A Medical Perspective”

Column: Of Special Interest

We should be grateful for institutions and practices mandated by law and enforced to some extent that serve the general welfare of Americans. These are not gifts from generous oligarchs or reprieves from indulgent dictators. They are the fruits of struggles by millions of Americans Continue reading “Column: Of Special Interest”

Socialized Distancing

As I stood more than six feet from two of my acquaintances, I listened to their complaints about vaccination scheduling.  One recalled hours on the telephone to arrange an appointment for an elderly relative.  The other described the futility of attempting to get scheduled on-line Continue reading “Socialized Distancing”

Jim Himes Candidate Statement: Together, We Will Recover from the Crises We Have Been Facing

In March, as COVID devastated our communities, I co-sponsored and voted for the CARES Act, a wide-ranging economic rescue package that provided rapid and meaningful relief for individuals and businesses through a series of programs, including the CARES Act Recovery Assistance. Thousands Continue reading “Jim Himes Candidate Statement: Together, We Will Recover from the Crises We Have Been Facing”