A Covid Christmas: Caught Between the Lines

On Christmas Eve, I tested positive for Covid.

Mindful of the 5.4 million people worldwide who have died from the disease, I am grateful for mild symptoms. Still, I wonder: Who? When? Where did I pick it up? It’s impossible to know. Fortified by Moderna vaccines and boosters, we Continue reading “A Covid Christmas: Caught Between the Lines”

Column: Lightning

Benjamin Franklin was fascinated by lightning. The famous portrait of him flying a kite in a thunderstorm with a young boy running in the background gets many details wrong, including the fact that the boy was his fully grown son, but it captures his curiosity and originality.  One Continue reading “Column: Lightning”

Vaccinated! First Steps to Crushing the Coronavirus

First Selectman Dr. David Bindelglass and his wife, Gloria, are doing their part to crush the coronavirus.

The couple, who are frontline medical professionals, received the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine on Tuesday. They both work at Bridgeport Hospital, part of the Yale-New Haven Health Continue reading “Vaccinated! First Steps to Crushing the Coronavirus”

Too Little. Too Late.

At last, the end is in sight.  No, I am not referring to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am referring to 2020, the year that gave birth to a new vocabulary for Americans, including such terms as pandemic fatigue, Covid deniers, mask refusers, stimulus package, and excess mortality. We have Continue reading “Too Little. Too Late.”

Burnt Out

One of the many Intensive Care Unit (ICU) attending physicians in a Midwestern state was being interviewed on Monday about the current state of affairs at his and surrounding hospitals. He was quite articulate. He described the patient census in the ICUs and the changes in bed designation Continue reading “Burnt Out”