Column: The Race Wars

The second amendment to the Constitution was intended to protect us, not to kill us.  What most Americans do not remember or do not know is that this amendment was a response to conditions prevailing in America at the end of the Eighteenth Century.  It states, “A well regulated Militia, Continue reading “Column: The Race Wars”

Skip It or Go on That Hike?

It was our last morning after two nights at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Check-out was at noon, and our breakfast reservation was for 9:30. But Mohonk’s price includes free activities and equipment to guests, and the snowshoe hike with naturalist Michael Ridolfo at 10:30 Continue reading “Skip It or Go on That Hike?”

Column: 1492

1492 was a Hell of a year. We still celebrate, or at least commemorate, the launching of Christopher Columbus’ ships on a mission intended to bring fame and wealth to the captain of this tiny convoy. Columbus succeeded beyond all expectations, and in so doing assured himself an unenviable Continue reading “Column: 1492”

Column: Voir Dire

At least half of what I learned in medical school was wrong. That was not because my teachers were ill-informed or intent upon misleading me. It was an inevitable consequence of learning from mistakes. The field of medicine has historically been slow to embrace new ideas and practices, Continue reading “Column: Voir Dire”