Column: My Grandfather’s Choice

In the early 1930’s, my grandmother was in labor, but something was wrong. A doctor came to my grandfather who was in the waiting room and asked, “Do you want to save the mother or the child?” Shocked by the question and terrified at the specter of losing his wife, my grandfather, Continue reading “Column: My Grandfather’s Choice”

Hwang Speaks Out in Reaction to Shootings in Georgia

State Senator Tony Hwang offered the following statement in reaction to the senseless shootings in Georgia.

“I am emotionally shaken and deeply upset by the continued escalation of violence and hate that came to a deadly tipping point in Georgia. There is no place in this country Continue reading “Hwang Speaks Out in Reaction to Shootings in Georgia”

‘I can’t breathe’

Under broad daylight,

not even the darkness of night

another black man 

murdered in full sight.

Handcuffed face down

pinned between police car and ground

another true life example

of the black man’s plight

Crushed to the floor

by not just one, but all four

was Continue reading “‘I can’t breathe’”

Op-Ed: Weighing Merits of Splitting South Park Property into Two Parcels

This week the South Park Advisory Commission had a lengthy discussion with great public participation about the South Park Avenue property. Their  mission was primarily fact finding, but the land use consultant Justin Giorlando brought forward a proposal for part of the land. The Continue reading “Op-Ed: Weighing Merits of Splitting South Park Property into Two Parcels”