Against Medical Advice

Every patient has the option of ignoring the advice offered by health professionals.  If they are hospitalized and they decide to leave without their doctor’s blessing, they are asked to sign what is called an AMA form.  This is an “Against Medical Advice” document that acknowledges Continue reading “Against Medical Advice”

Medical Math: Covid-19 x 2 = 0 Vaccine

The White House recently announced that it will be promoting an expedited evaluation of a Covid-19 vaccine. This would be good news if, in fact, it resulted in a safe and effective vaccine in the near future. We certainly can have a vaccine before November 2020, if safety and efficacy Continue reading “Medical Math: Covid-19 x 2 = 0 Vaccine”

Learning From History

The televangelist, Pat Robertson, called the AIDS epidemic, “God’s harvest of sinners.” The sinners he was referring to were not rapists, murderers, pedophiles or human traffickers. They were homosexual men. This reflected the common feeling in the United States that AIDS would somehow Continue reading “Learning From History”

Church Community for All People and Another Fun Recipe

The newest recipe from the Congregational Church of Easton Friends and Family cookbook is available. Try these fun recipes, as a great way to keep yourselves busy during this stressful time of quarantine.

As families are having considerably more time of togetherness which can be Continue reading “Church Community for All People and Another Fun Recipe”

Church Community Still Available Even at a Distance

As we prepare for yet another month in the midst of the pandemic, we lift our prayers for all those starting school and work again. We at the Congregational Church of Easton have been meeting in person for worship but still offering worship online. We have been using technology to Continue reading “Church Community Still Available Even at a Distance”

Why Our Emotions Are So Valuable

I love the smell of the air this morning. It’s a little chilly. It smells like leaves and sticks, and I know that summer is wrapping up. The allure of everything pumpkin and spice is just around the bend. I can break out my fall clothes and put away my summer dresses until the warmth Continue reading “Why Our Emotions Are So Valuable”

Church Community in the Midst of a World Pandemic

In the midst of this world pandemic, we have been asked to socially distance ourselves. For many churches, this meant moving worship to an online format and cancelling in person worship at least until the fall.

For many this has meant no religious guidance in a time of great need. Continue reading “Church Community in the Midst of a World Pandemic”

Modeling a Positive Spirit

It’s that time of year. Summer is rounding the bend and those of us with children in college or high school are bustling with excitement as we organize them for the journey of the upcoming years. It is a time of elation mixed with a tinge of apprehension as we send our children, many Continue reading “Modeling a Positive Spirit”

Sport Hill Farm Celebrates 20 Years

When Al and Patti Popp planted some corn, tomatoes, and zucchini 20 years ago, they weren’t sure what would happen. Since then, they’ve grown as Sport Hill Farm, offering a wide variety of locally grown, seasonal produce. But they never lost that adventurous spirit that got them Continue reading “Sport Hill Farm Celebrates 20 Years”

The Politics of Masking

As many of us return to work and life in our Connecticut communities, we are continuing to face a new set of social expectations regarding health and safety as Covid-19 cases subside locally. Recommended measures still include social distancing and self quarantine if exposed, and Continue reading “The Politics of Masking”