Selectmen Rebuke Wednesday’s Rampage of U.S. Capitol

During board comment at the end of their meeting tonight, the Board of Selectmen condemned Wednesday’s storming and occupation of the United States Capitol. 

“I don’t think we can leave the table tonight without reflecting on the horror of yesterday,” First Selectman Bob Lessler Continue reading “Selectmen Rebuke Wednesday’s Rampage of U.S. Capitol”

Year in Review 2020: November Election

Voters in Easton and across America turned out in record numbers for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election. They cast an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, which states sanctioned to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Voters also showed up at the polls.

Area Continue reading “Year in Review 2020: November Election”

What’s in a Flag?

The stars and stripes have evolved into so many different iterations and incarnations that one can find them everywhere and on everything. The first flag surge I can recall is post-September 11, 2001. Flags began to pop up on cars and trucks, highway overpasses and on almost every Continue reading “What’s in a Flag?”

Against Medical Advice

Every patient has the option of ignoring the advice offered by health professionals.  If they are hospitalized and they decide to leave without their doctor’s blessing, they are asked to sign what is called an AMA form.  This is an “Against Medical Advice” document that acknowledges Continue reading “Against Medical Advice”