Letter: Think Long and Hard About This Budget

Party politics aside, public education is in crisis and at a crossroads. When your children return to school this fall, they will be assessed by the State on covid’s social-emotional impact on them. Depending on the student’s assessed needs, core curriculum instructional hours will Continue reading “Letter: Think Long and Hard About This Budget”

Letter: YES to School Budget Increases

Open letter to the Board of Finance regarding the school budget increase:


My children graduated from the Easton/ER9 school system a few years ago. But I’m still in complete support of the school budget increase.

Our children are our future. Future leaders, future neighbors, Continue reading “Letter: YES to School Budget Increases”

Tax Bills Dip Slightly after Unusual Budget Season

The 2020-21 budget season was like no other in history, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of a town-wide referendum vote, the Board of Selectmen was compelled to authorize the Board of Finance to approve the final budget.

Easton property owners will see a slight reduction in Continue reading “Tax Bills Dip Slightly after Unusual Budget Season”

Support our Schools

As a mom of four children in Easton schools (Barlow, Keller and SSES) I’m writing to ask you to please, please approve the budget increase for Easton schools this coming year.

I feel very strongly about this now more than ever because our children coming back from this unprecedented Continue reading “Support our Schools”