Then & Now – The Sport Hill Schoolhouse

Presented by the Historical Society of Easton.

After the Parish of North Fairfield was established in 1762, one of the first orders of business was to establish a school system to educate the children. On December 29th of that year, the members of the parish voted to maintain five Continue reading “Then & Now – The Sport Hill Schoolhouse”

Then & Now – The Easton Town Hall

Most of us have had occasion to visit the Town Hall at the corner of Center & Morehouse Roads. Have you ever wondered about the history of the building or what preceded the present edifice? Neither the location nor the structure appears to fit the typical Norman Rockwell image of Continue reading “Then & Now – The Easton Town Hall”

Articles from the Courier 7/27/20 – 8/2/20

In case you missed it: Check out these articles posted in the Easton Courier in the past week, from Monday, July 27 to Sunday, August 2.

Don’t forget to subscribe to email notifications. It’s free, and you control the frequency. You can enter your email address here: You control your Continue reading “Articles from the Courier 7/27/20 – 8/2/20”

Then & Now – Finding the Lost Birdsey Beers House

One of the glaring inequities of the splitting of Weston into two separate towns in May of 1845 was the state’s decision to allow the much smaller of the two towns — Weston which had about half as many houses — to retain all the land records that had been amassed since the original Continue reading “Then & Now – Finding the Lost Birdsey Beers House”