Easton Seniors Are Knitting for Refugees in Ukraine

Have Some Yarn Lying Around?

Gale Haskell and Judy Goldbecker hope they are making a difference for Ukrainian refugees with their wool and knitting needles.

The women are among 10 volunteer knitters from the Easton Senior Center knitting scarves, socks and gloves bound for Ukraine. Continue reading “Easton Seniors Are Knitting for Refugees in Ukraine”

Column: Szilard’s Nightmare

Leo Szilard was one of the smartest people living in and shaping events in the Twentieth Century. He started his training in Hungary as an engineer but switched to become a nuclear physicist. He enjoyed science fiction and recognized that many of the fantasies of writers, like H.G.Wells, Continue reading “Column: Szilard’s Nightmare”

A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated 8/26/2022

Good afternoon,

summer bird

Next week school begins. It is a good time to show our gratitude for our teachers and all those who help to provide such an excellent education for our children.

At Samuel Staples the beautiful sunflowers have brightened up the school, but Continue reading “A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Column:Drought in a Time of Floods

The Colorado River is shrinking, and Kentucky is drowning. Mother Nature is laughing. We expected her to shrug off our abuse and continue supplying water where we need it and a temperate climate where we want it. She is obviously fed up and has decided to teach us about the longterm Continue reading “Column:Drought in a Time of Floods”

Germ Warfare

Vladimir Putin decided to adopt tactics from the 1930s and 1940s to wage war against the Ukraine.  This meant taking territory by killing as many inhabitants as feasible and destroying whatever buildings and infrastructure existed in the area declared “captured.”  Each village, town Continue reading “Germ Warfare”

Thousands of Dollars Raised to Support Ukraine at Local Event

A steady flow of Eastonites turned out for a successful fundraiser for the people of Ukraine held at the Ashlar-Aspetuck Lodge on April 10. The event was organized by local residents Gale and John Papageorge, and the venue and coffee were generously donated by Eric Farrell and his Continue reading “Thousands of Dollars Raised to Support Ukraine at Local Event”

Column: The Business of War

International efforts to spare the world the horrors of World War II have failed. The United Nations has failed in its most important mission-being to stop international slaughters. Its members speak at length, but they are indifferent to what is being said. The Ukraine is being Continue reading “Column: The Business of War”

Column: War Crimes

The U.S. and the Ukraine have much in common.  Both countries declared themselves independent of powerful nations that previously occupied and controlled them. They both faced military invasions as a consequence of their claims of independence. They both had numerous inhabitants that Continue reading “Column: War Crimes”

Column: The Wasteland

Before the bombardment of the Ukraine started, there was a small outbreak of polio.  It was too minor to receive much press coverage. Covid-19 was still an active problem in the Ukraine, but vaccines were being distributed, and there was no major opposition to Covid restrictions. Continue reading “Column: The Wasteland”

Column: Horror Unfolds in the Ukraine

Obviously our thoughts and prayers for the citizens of the Ukraine are not working. What is Plan B? There has been endless talk of economic sanctions, but Vladimir the Terrible saw these coming when he invaded the Crimea eight years ago.  He has had eight years to make Russia, or Continue reading “Column: Horror Unfolds in the Ukraine”