Religious Exemption

As the chorus of those opposing Covid-19 vaccinations increasingly invokes the “faith-based” objections to a life-saving option, I am reminded of a relevant episode of the television series The West Wing. In this fictional account of the American Presidency, the chief executive seeks Continue reading “Religious Exemption”

Column: With All Due Respect

A member of Congress from Arkansas acknowledged last week that vaccines and mask-wearing were good ideas. As the delta variant of Covid-19 filled hospitals across his state and his constituents noticed that their neighbors were filling those hospitals, and the morgues therein, this Continue reading “Column: With All Due Respect”

Column: The Costs of the Pandemic

If a man arrives in the emergency room with a hole in his right temple, a 9 mm Glock pistol clutched in his cold, almost dead hand, and a note pinned to his chest stating, “I want to die,” he will be transfused, placed on a ventilator [breathing machine] and rushed to surgery.  His Continue reading “Column: The Costs of the Pandemic”

 Column: The Antidote to the Pandemic is… Grief

Mother Nature apparently does not realize that the 2019 pandemic is over. She insisted on infecting our athletes, coaches and staff at the Tokyo Olympics even after we postponed the event a full year. It appears that the pandemic is ramping up again, just as the flu epidemic of Continue reading ” Column: The Antidote to the Pandemic is… Grief”

Column: Global Warming Defrosts Danger to All Life Forms

Huge tracts of our planet have been in a deep freeze for tens of thousands of years. After the most recent ice age, some of the most northerly land masses in the Northern Hemisphere remained frozen. These were referred to as permafrost regions, the Earth’s deep freezer. Over the Continue reading “Column: Global Warming Defrosts Danger to All Life Forms”

Column: Lightning

Benjamin Franklin was fascinated by lightning. The famous portrait of him flying a kite in a thunderstorm with a young boy running in the background gets many details wrong, including the fact that the boy was his fully grown son, but it captures his curiosity and originality.  One Continue reading “Column: Lightning”

Socialized Distancing

As I stood more than six feet from two of my acquaintances, I listened to their complaints about vaccination scheduling.  One recalled hours on the telephone to arrange an appointment for an elderly relative.  The other described the futility of attempting to get scheduled on-line Continue reading “Socialized Distancing”

Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Update for 1/15/2021

Much of the talk around town this week has been about the vaccine. If you are 75 or older you can now register to get the vaccine.  The statewide system is called VAMS. If you go to the Easton website, there is a post in the News tab for “COVID-19 VACCINE ENROLLMENT Continue reading “Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Easton EMTs and Police Officers Get Vaccinated

Carolyn Kearney, Easton EMS Assistant Chief and Samuel Staples Elementary School nurse, gets vaccinated.

Easton’s first responders have begun receiving their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Carolyn Kearney, EMT, assistant chief of the Easton Emergency Medical Service and Samuel Continue reading “Easton EMTs and Police Officers Get Vaccinated”

Year in Review 2020

In a trying year, Easton had many bright spots, proving that our community had grit and grace in the face of the pandemic. The editors struggled to identify the top 10 events of 2020 and concluded there were many more than time and space allowed. Nevertheless, we will roll out several Continue reading “Year in Review 2020”