Column: Wanted: Public Service Not Lip Service

Thomas “Tip” O’Neill was the Speaker of the House of Representatives when Ronald Reagan was President.  He was asked to characterize how the U.S. government functioned under President Reagan, and he allegedly responded, “We borrowed a trillion dollars and threw a party.” We may still Continue reading “Column: Wanted: Public Service Not Lip Service”

Column: Another Tragic Collapse

In the 1960s there were so many causes to demonstrate for or against it was difficult to focus on any one.  The biggest issue was of course the war in Vietnam, but that was far away and had its most awful impact on the poor and minority communities. The truly wealthy could get a deferment Continue reading “Column: Another Tragic Collapse”

Remembering Easton’s Lost Sons

It is fair to say that US senator Daniel Inouye, a decorated World War II veteran, was not a fan of the Memorial Day weekend.  For almost a quarter century, the legislator from Hawaii fought to have this national holiday reverted to its original date of May 30th as opposed to our Continue reading “Remembering Easton’s Lost Sons”