Library Displays New Signs

The Easton Public Library has put out a new batch of signs for its revolving “Voices of Diversity” lawn sign exhibit. This new group of signs features additional quotations that have not previously been exhibited, including quotes from Muhammed Ali, Marvin Gaye, Desmond Tutu, and Continue reading “Library Displays New Signs”

Missing Library Lawn Signs Have Been Returned 

The “Voices of Diversity” signs that disappeared from the Easton Public Library lawn over the holiday weekend have been returned and are now on view near the library’s community room. 

They were delivered late Tuesday afternoon to Town Hall by June Logie, who is organizing Easton’s Continue reading “Missing Library Lawn Signs Have Been Returned “

Library’s Lawn Sign Exhibit Stolen

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information is received.— Easton Courier Editors

Easton Public Library’s lawn sign exhibit, “Voices of Diversity,” was stolen from the library lawn over the holiday weekend. The exhibit, which has been on display since early Continue reading “Library’s Lawn Sign Exhibit Stolen”