Each Friday afternoon, Helen Keller Middle School parents receive a handful of pictures in their email inboxes. 

Principal Susan Kaplan and Assistant Principal Annie Mohr started sharing candid school photos earlier this school year, to give parents insight into what is going on in school, and to give parents an opportunity to discuss school with their children.  (We’re all familiar with the cliche: “What happened in school today?” “Nothing.”)

Kaplan and Mohr are well aware that the priority of pre-adolescent children is not necessarily to share many details of their school day. They share these pictures with the community as a way for all residents to know more about Easton’s middle school.

Catch a glimpse of the happenings at Helen Keller Middle School this week!

Through the program “Skype with a Scientist”, sixth-grade science students connected with Dr. Elizabeth Pruitt who shared her research and experiences in the fields of anthropology and archaeology.  Interesting fact: Dr. Pruitt excavated at the Wry House in Maryland. 
Eighth Grade students in their Project Lead the Way Engineering course are using their knowledge of gear ratios and torque to build and program useful robots.
Who says non-fiction reading strategies aren’t fun?!  Mrs. Aponte created a BREAKOUT activity competition for sixth grade students.  Student teams had to “crack the codes” using their nonfiction reading strategies to advance their team to the finish line.  
Eighth grade French students learned about Carnaval celebrations in four different regions of the world, Nouvelle Orléans, Binche (Belgium), Nice (France), and Québec.
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By Annie Mohr

Assistant Principal at HKMS