LaLa Picasso began as an art studio based in Easton, Conn. and founded in 2010. In December 2012, with the help of former Gary Simone, former Easton Park and Recreation Department director, and Tom Hermann, former first selectman, LaLa Picasso partnered with Easton Park and Rec and opened The Easton Arts Center at 652 Morehouse Road in Easton, CT.

What started as a visual art program, quickly evolved into a center that encompassed all of the arts and catered to children and young adults of all levels and ability, including those with special needs. With the help of Don Cooper, Eric Donnelly, David Harewood and Ariadna SK, The Easton Arts Center (TEAC) music program was founded. They’ve all since moved on, but have left our town with such a gift.

We soon had over 30 private lessons and no longer had the studio space to accommodate our children. Gary Simone had sacrificed his own office so the children could learn. We had to find a solution. That’s when LaLa Picasso decided to begin our “at home” music and art program.

We currently serve over 80 at home music and art students and have 12 instructors in our network. We also run an art program as well as a music program at the Speech Academy,- a private school that provides a speech and language based-academic program.

The Easton Arts Center — as always — invites you to visit, create and learn. LaLa Picasso – School of Art and Music allows us to visit, mentor and instruct.

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